A Web Based Psychotherapy Company

Making Mental Health a Priority


Individual Counseling

You are not alone. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illness can look different for everyone. Always remember that help is around the corner and telehealth allows that help to come to you in a comfortable and familiar environment. We will set goals, explore symptoms and triggers, developing coping skills, and get to the core of the issues. Our goal is to help you be self-sufficient and empowered to take control of your well being.


Relationship Issues

Relationships are difficult and they only survive if two people are committed to change and growth. We offer couples’ sessions to teach positive communication and strategies on how to work towards your common goals. We don’t guarantee that all relationships will survive, but we will help you keep the relationship on the track that you choose. We also offer support for individuals and couples who identify as LGBTQ.


Domestic Violence Intervention

We accept victims of crime insurance. Victims can attend therapy anywhere in California as long as they have internet. No one can access your records, you do not have to download the app, and you can exit sessions with a simple click. We discuss the patterns of intimate partner violence, develop a safety plan, and connect victims to safe homes. Additionally, we also offer counseling to perpetrators of domestic violence that teaches the impact of their actions. Couples with domestic violence will not be counseled together.


Parenting and Co Parenting

Parents will do anything for their children but they sometimes forget self care. Our parent education and prevention curriculum offers customized courses for new and experienced parents. We also support for parents who have children with special needs and those who want to speak to their children about the loss of another caregiver through death or divorce.


Postpartum Depression

More than 3 million women suffer from Postpartum depression every year. Parents who experience a loss of a child and those preparing to give birth can have the same type of depression. Postpartum depression is the most treatable type and short-term therapy can help you take control of your symptoms so that you can move on and enjoy the beauty of life.


Grief and Loss

Death, grief, and loss is a very sensitive topic and needs personalized one on one attention. We can offer supportive services for terminally ill patients and the loved ones they leave behind.